Last Slice of Life

Thirty poems in thirty days, hope you’ve enjoyed my work this National Poetry Month.

For today’s prompt, write a closing time poem. Or another way of coming at this prompt is to write a poem in which something is coming to an end–like this month’s poetry challenge. Could be the end of a concert, an era, or whatever else must come to a close.


Photograph: HANDOUT/AFP/Getty Image

Last Slice of Life
for David Goodall

When there’s less than a glass
of wine left in the bottle
I finish it before it turns to vinegar
even if it was delicious.

Especially if it was delicious.
I don’t leave the last slice
of pizza to molder in my fridge
nor the last piece of pie.

Life can be just as fleeting.
Why cling to the last days
like a car that spends more time
in the shop than on the road?

If I decide someday
I’ve lived too long,
don’t cite archaic laws
of God or man.

The only thing I truly own is my body.
Let me go in peace.

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7 Responses to Last Slice of Life

  1. Allie says:

    Sniff, sniff. But I don’t like endings, and I don’t want your daily poems to end either. I do however wish Mr. Goodall happy and joyful last days. I am glad he found a place that will allow him to rest in peace. May we all have a fraction of his ease when it’s our time to part, may we one day be ready when we need to.


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  3. ELLE says:

    Sad to see the last day of your thirty! Hope to see more :)


  4. Neha Sharma says:

    Beautiful! :)


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