Teacher’s Pet

For today’s prompt, write a favorite poem. Maybe that sounds a bit silly, but what I mean is to write a poem about something that’s your favorite. A favorite teacher. Favorite movie. Favorite ice cream flavor. I don’t know, because I have my own list of favorites. Only you can do you…and your favorites. Who knows? Maybe this will end up being your favorite prompt this month.


Teacher’s Pet

I went to the morning status meeting
a Senior Software Developer
and left a schoolboy dreading lunch.

Called out by my project manager
for being the only one on the team
to respond to her request for estimates,

I was thrown back to elementary school,
“Why can’t you be more like Bartholomew?”
my teacher would ask the bullies,

guaranteeing a treacherous recess
of indian burns and noogies
or a tortuous walk home.

At least now I work remote
so my aggrieved teammates
won’t beat me up. Probably.

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3 Responses to Teacher’s Pet

  1. ELLE says:

    “Probably.” Ha. Awesome piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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