Too Many Secrets

Happy National Poetry Month!

I’ve accepted Robert Lee Brewer’s Poem-A-Day Challenge this year so expect a lot of late night posts and bottles in the recycling bin over the next 30 days.

For today’s prompt, write a secret poem. This poem can reveal a secret, incorporate a secret activity, or involve any other secret interpretation. Poem written in code (acrostic, anyone?) or with double meanings.


Too Many Secrets

People share too many secrets
with me. I must have a face
like a bartender or priest,
sympathetic and trustworthy.

I’m not eager for these burdens,
my memory like a honeycomb,
every conversation calibrated
to remember what I’m not supposed to know.

When I chose to become a poet
I decided not to have any secrets,
my life revealed in verse,
naked for your entertainment.

So I’m not lying when I feign ignorance
I’m just using a little poetic license.


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