One of my poems appears in the current edition of Spank the Carp. Check it out!

The first draft of Canyon was written in the Durham Public Library during a session of the Poetry Factory lead by JeanMarie when she had us list various geographical features then write about one of them. It was also JeanMarie who suggested I turn it into a shape poem and now it’s published. Thanks, JM!

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8 Responses to Canyon

  1. Lisa Tomey says:

    I very much enjoyed reading this and the back story of how this poetry came to be.

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  2. JeanMarie says:

    Kudos and applause to you! And thanks for the shout-out. It takes a village (Living Poetry on


  3. Allie Hansen says:

    It’s beautiful.


  4. Morrow Dowdle says:

    One of your best, I’d say.


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