Rhythm of Race


Photo by JM Olivieri

Saturday afternoon three of my fellow Living Poets and I wrote poems on demand at the N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences’ Rhythm of Race event. We only worked for a little over an hour but earned $41 for the museum by writing to the following prompts offered by our customers:

  • aloha
  • biotechnology
  • broken
  • butterfly
  • chaplain
  • complexity & sin
  • compromise
  • emerald
  • faith
  • fluorescent
  • happiness
  • hope
  • Michael Jackson
  • octopus
  • oyster
  • patience
  • paws
  • perseverance
  • plant
  • poetry
  • precious
  • science
  • second anniversary
  • soul
  • swizzle stick
  • siblings
  • Themyscira
  • vindicated
  • wonder
  • you

My favorite was writing “Science” and while I don’t remember it all, I closed with the lines “Science is the art of learning. Science reveals the poetry of life.”


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8 Responses to Rhythm of Race

  1. JeanMarie says:

    I love that line!

    • Thanks! I love the lines at the end of your Ars Poetica poem, which we wrote for the same young lady, something about the truth no textbook can shout. Do you remember?

  2. Will says:

    You need to remind the people submitting prompts that the sign says, “$1 + ONE word”. I noticed a few offenders. Keep up the wordsmithing.

  3. I miss the poetry on demand events. They were so fun. And Michael Jackson as a word—nice. Great seeing a pic of JeanMarie.

  4. Very cool! Well done! 😊👍

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