Science Cafe: Beer

beer-1326297-639x1055Thursday December 8th, I’ll join my colleagues from Living Poetry at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for their latest Science Cafe. Erik Myers, the founder of Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough will be teaching us about the ancient and noble art of brewing beer and after his presentation we’ll be reading poems written during the show.

I must admit, I don’t care for beer. I’m more a red wine kinda guy so I’m interested to see what sort of poem I’m going to write.

Join us in Raleigh at 7pm or monitor the situation live on the museum’s YouTube channel!

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2 Responses to Science Cafe: Beer

  1. That sounds like fun!

    • It is fun. I’ve done these Science Cafes several times but this one will be even better since I bet a lot of the audience will have had a beer or two before it’s time for me to perform.

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