Haggis at the Globe Inn, Dumfries


Haggis at The Globe Inn – Dumfries

Down an alley
called a “close”
not much wider
than a crack
in a wall
they say this pub
was frequented
by Robert Burns
two hundred years ago
rough hewn walls
painted white
a failed attempt
to brighten a room
built long before
parking was thing
flat screen televisions
and laminated menus
the custom
they’ve gained
over the centuries
has more than made up
for any bar tab
left by the Bard of Ayrshire
taking selfies
there in the corner
with adoring female fans
like my great grandmother
in a mini skirt
and belly button ring

The best part of supper
was discovering
that I enjoy haggis


Haggis, Mashed Neeps & Champit Tatties

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6 Responses to Haggis at the Globe Inn, Dumfries

  1. JeanMarie says:

    And there it is. I’ve been waiting to hear about Haggis. Hallelujah, he likes it!

  2. Will says:

    How does it smell? And where are the selfies? I’d like to see your adoring fans ;-)

  3. Haggis is GREAT! 😄👍✨ and so is your poem! 🌹✨

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