Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

photo from the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra website.

Maybe I could slip
between the accordion bleachers
in this farmtown gymnasium
where mats cover the floor
so folding chairs
and music stands
won’t scuff the hardwood

but before I make my move
the visiting orchestra ignites
a thunderous chord
and I am finally freed
of the incomprehensible books,
unjust detentions
and teasing cheerleaders.

The instruments sing
with profound vibration
and unseen colors
crystallize my mind
like intense moments slowed:
a shot arcing to the basket
or a girl taking off her bra.

The symphony frees
me and I close my eyes
so my teammates
won’t see me cry.

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra inspired this poem. They’re running a Freedom Poetry Contest and I was all set to enter when I noticed that the requirements restrict entrants to residents of the tri-state area, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, of course. Since I no longer qualify, I submit this poem to my kind readers for their approval.

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2 Responses to Freedom

  1. Emily Cooper says:

    The inner lives of so-called “nerds”. :-)


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