The CEO’s Testimony

Wall StreetFrom the Poetic Asides blog:

For today’s prompt, write a confession poem. For some poets, this may come naturally–confessing feelings, actions, and/or intentions. For others, it may be hard to get personal. That’s OK; take on another persona and write a “confession” for that person, animal, inanimate object, whatever.

The CEO’s Testimony

I confess,
I bent the rules
and occasionally broke
them, when profit
outweighed punishment.

Those people,
my so-called victims,
had no business
signing documents
they didn’t understand.
If they can’t get an MBA
like honest folk,
they shouldn’t be applying
for a mortgage.

I beg you,
my very own legislators,
slap my wrist,
issue your fines
but do so quickly.
Wednesday taxes are due
and I want a bigger deduction.

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