Hierarchy of Dares

PlaygroundFor today’s prompt, write a dare poem. This poem could be written as a dare to someone. It could make a daring proclamation. It could involve a dare that someone has accepted…or refused. In a way, each day of this challenge is a dare to write a poem. Are you ready for the challenge?

Hierarchy of Dares

In elementary school
I felt like an anthropologist
trying to deduce
how my fellow students

The teachers loved me.
The girls laughed at me.
I codified the Code of the Schoolyard.

From my third grade notes,
I present the Hierarchy of Dares:

1. I dare you.
2. I double dare you.
3. I double-dog dare you.
4. I double-dirty-dog dare you.
5. I double-decker-dirty-dog dare you.
6. I double-decker-drunk-dirty-dog dare you.
7. I double-decker-drunk-dirty-dog-dromedary you.

But the most dreaded dare,
to any poet,
of any age,
is raised as a request:
would you write a poem about me?

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