Resistance to Gray

BeardIt’s April and that means a poem-a-day! This is my fifth April doing the challenge but I won’t be taking it as seriously this year as I have in the previous four. I might miss a day or two if I’m sufficiently distracted. The only reason I’m doing it at all is because I usually produce a poem good enough to be recognized on the Poetic Asides blog any given year. Yes, I only write poetry for the fame and glory. Oh, and the money too.

For today’s prompt, write a resistance poem. There are many forms of resistance, including militant resistance, resistance to new ideas, the resistance in exercise, and maybe even a little resistance to starting a new project. I hope you don’t resist the urge to write a poem today.

Resistance to Gray

It all started in the temples,
the grays began there.
At first, I wasn’t worried,
they were minor malcontents
and barely a bother.

But over the years
the grays have grown.
We’ve lost the side burns
and most of the cheek.
The mustache is still brown
but I fear for the chin.

Once the beard is gone,
under sway of the gray,
the scalp will surely fall
and then I might as well
just nuke the whole face.

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3 Responses to Resistance to Gray

  1. Nuking the whole face seems a bit extreme, but I feel ya.

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  2. Will says:

    I thought the progression in the poem was very nice. I think the progression is from gray to white if we can learn anything from Hobbits.


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