Settle In (Poem-A-Day 28)

Settle InFor today’s prompt, write a settled poem. Settled can be a good, relaxing thing; settled can be an accepting something that wasn’t your first choice thing; settled can be coming to a stop; settled can be pioneers in a strange land; and so on. With only three days left, don’t settle for less than your best.


Settle In

Half a bottle of red wine
Lasagna laden with cheese
Greasy ground meat
Soaked noodles thick
Not just one slice
Two slices with garlic bread
To mop up diced tomato sauce

I leave the dishes
In the sink to dry
Encrusting barnacles
On their smooth hulls

The siren song of the sofa
Entices me to her comfy shore
I feel the weight of dinner
Settle in for slow digestion
Stomach full mind empty
I flip channels
Barely twitching my thumb
Eyelids droop
Sloth and gluttony

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