Sappho’s Song

Last week I saw that two poems from Sappho of Lesbos have been discovered.

Sappho of Lesbos

Here’s my Sappho inspired poem from Wednesday Night Regular.

Sappho’s Song

Sing me no songs of the daylight
For the sun is the enemy of lovers
Sing me instead of shadows and darkness
And the memories of midnight

Sing me no songs of domestic brews
For the usual beers do not intoxicate
Sing me instead of red wine and absinthe
And the warmth of my intemperate muse

Sing me no songs of everyday women
For the office ladies offer no inspiration
Sing me instead of strippers and dancers
And dim nights at the club

Sing me no songs of bleached blonds
For they have nothing ‘neath their curls
Sing me instead of fiery red heads
And the misfortunes of virtue

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2 Responses to Sappho’s Song

  1. writenaked says:

    LOVE this one! I can’t remember where I saw absinthe for sale recently, but I wanted to buy you one.

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