Samuel J. Nowlan & Elizabeth Dennison

Samuel J. Nowlan & Elizabeth Dennison

Samuel J. Nowlan Elizabeth Dennison
Birth 1824 July 26
New Brunswick
1826 January 6
Huron County, Ohio
Marriage 1844 August 29
Hancock County, Ohio
Death 1888 August 16
Rawson, Ohio
1919 September 24
Rawson, Ohio

Who doesn’t enjoy a good ancestral obituary?

Unfortunately the Hancock County Public Library’s microfilms of old newspapers were sent away earlier this year to be digitized. It was only supposed to take a couple of months but they were still unavailable when I visited. Lucky for me, one of my cousins had a copy which I have transcribed here. Thanks, Ellen!

Passes away From Old Age Wednesday at Home of Son in Rawson—

First Teacher at Rawson School.

A husband and a son who served in the Civil War and numerous grandchildren who were in the World War just over is the contribution of Mrs. Elizabeth Nolan, who died at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon at the age of 93 years. Mrs. Nolan had been living with her son, E. T. Nolan of Rawson, the son who was with his father in the Civil War. Her death was due to infirmities of age and came suddenly, shortly after she had eaten the noonday meal.

Mrs. Nolan was born Jan. 6, 1826, in Huron County, her parents having been Mr. and Mrs. Elihu Dennison. On Aug. 29, 1844, she was united in marriage to Samuel J. Nolan in Union township, and to this union 10 children, six of whom are dead, were born. Those who survive are: E. T., and W. J. Rawson; Mrs. Robert Littrick, Marion, Ind.; Mrs. Adam Bowman, Michigan; Mrs. George Dean, Utah, and Mrs. George Folk, Rawson.

She was the last of the Dennison family, her brother, James Dennison, of East Lincoln street, having preceded her in death.

Mrs. Nolan was a teacher in the first district school at Rawson, during a time when Hancock county was little more than a wilderness. She was fond off telling of her early pioneer experiences, and of showing photographs of the rude log cabin which she taught her first school. Her brother, James, was one of her pupils. She had related that she came to Findlay on horseback to her her pay, following a trail. She had a teacher’s certificate which was issued to her at the old court house here, and which is one of the prized relics of her family.

Funeral arrangements have not been made, pending word from the daughter in Utah.

Samuel J. Nowlan & Elizabeth Dennison

The smaller stone in the above picture is for their son Elihu Nowlan. He’s the son with whom Elizabeth was living at the time of her death. He was also the son who fought in the Civil War with his father. Never married, he left no children, that we know of at least, but I wanted to honor him here too.

Elihu T. Nowlan

He was named after his maternal grandfather and the name “Elihu” persisted in my family into the 21st century. One of my grand uncles received the middle name Elihu because Elihu Nowlan was his mother’s favorite uncle.


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