Launch Party Report

Wednesday Night Regular was launched last night as the crescent moon and evening star watched the entrance to Teasers, jealous they could not join the beautiful people gathered within. Friends from all the major facets of my life, poetry, programming, football and, of course, the dancers, were there. I read some poems while giving out earned copies then sold three copies, my first sales.

As I write this I see that on Facebook, my poet page has 150 Likes and only half of those are my friends. It is tremendously strange and gratifying to imagine people I don’t know enjoying my work.

And Tara Lynne Groth from the Write Naked blog alerted me to the fact that Wednesday Night Regular is #25 on Lulu’s list of top poetry books this month!

Please accept my humble gratitude, all my muses, friends and fans.

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2 Responses to Launch Party Report

  1. Emily Cooper says:

    As of now, it’s up to #24 on Lulu. :-)


  2. John Vincent says:

    Bart, that is great news.


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