John Adams

(Originally visited 2 July 2004. Note the fiancée mentioned below is now my second ex-wife.)

John and Abigail Adams

Considering that I’ve lived in Connecticut for well over a decade and only recently captured these digital images of the Presidents Adams, one might think I was lazy or had abandoned my quest. I attribute my delay to the old you don’t visit tourist spots in your own city phenomenon. Of course, not everyone considers a tomb a tourist spot.

My first visit was back in 1981 on a trip with my family to New England. I still have the tangible photographs. (How quaint!) A few years ago I did try to visit their graves again, but they were having a wedding at the United First Parish Church, where they are interred in the basement.

Perhaps I should get married there as it’s the only church with two dead presidents. (The National Cathedral in Washington only has one.) It would hold some significance for my fiancée as well. She is the great great great great great great granddaughter of John and Abigail Adams, but that’s not why I’m marrying her.

John Adams Sarcophagus

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